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Final Word

Believers to be tested “The believers were tried and shaken with a mighty shaking”   TMQ [33:11] The above verse was revealed during the Battle of the Trench. It was an incident that shook the believers to their core. The Makkan Quraish, along with other tribes in the Arabian peninsula gathered an army of 10,000 troops […]

Liberation By Revelation

“The knots of Islam will be broken one by one until every one of them is undone. The first to be undone will be the knot of ruling and the last will be the knot of Salah” (Musnad of Imam Ahmed) The first knot of Islam was broken on March 3, 1924 when the Islamic […]

As a Muslim, Raise Your Head High

America’s Policies Against Muslims! The following are excerpts from an incredible sentencing statement by Tarek Mehanna who was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison, revealing America’s unjust judicial system, as read to Judge O’Toole during his sentencing, April 12, 2012. In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful Exactly four years ago […]

Khilafat: the Righteous State!

Governed by Divine Rule Everyone in the world who is somewhat aware of his surroundings would acknowledge that there are many problems in today’s societies. All such problems stem from impure, limited and corrupted ideas, concepts or ideologies. Thought or concepts dictate our actions or behavior. Consequently, in order to solve the problems of the […]

A Call to Muslim Men, Women and Youth

“For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast (and deny themselves), for men […]

Final Word

Western Hypocrisy It seems as if it was only yesterday that a really good friend of mine expressed to me his excitement of starting his Islamic Studies in Syria. Fourteen months ago he was in New Jersey renewing his passport, renting out storage space and packing his bags and preparing for his Journey to Damascus. […]

Open Letter to the Muslim Ulema

“Each one of you is a guardian, and you are all responsible for your guardianship. The Imam is a guardian of the people, and he is responsible for his guardianship of the people.” Prophet Muhammad On the 15th of Rabee’ ul-Awwal 1433 (February 7, 2012), as many as 107 Muslim scholars (Ulema) issued a declaration […]

Employment In The Islamic State

“It is We who portion out between them their livelihood in this world, and We raised some of them above others in ranks so that some may employ others in their work….” TMQ 43: 32 Allah has commanded us to seek work and created the means to obtain work in his abundant earth. There is […]