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September 2006

The Caliphate

One Nation, under Allah with 1.5 billion Muslims by James Brandon: The Christian Science Monitor, May 10, 2006 AMMAN, JORDAN — The three middle-aged men sitting in an Indian restaurant in Jordan’s capital scarcely look like Islamic revolutionaries. They are smartly dressed in Western style suits and sip thoughtfully from cans of Pepsi as they […]

Restoring The Khilafah

A Necessity and an Obligation on Muslims “The believers are like one man; if his eye suffers, his whole body suffers, and if his head suffers, his whole body suffers. You will recognize the believers by their mutual love and sympathy. They are like one body. If one of its parts is ill, the whole […]

End of the Khilafat

Muslim Traitor Abolishes the Khilafat On March 3, 1924 (28th of Rajab 1342 H), Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, constitutionally abolished the institution of the Caliphate which was established by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) upon his migration to Medinah in the 1st year (H). Its powers were transferred to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (parliament) […]