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April 2012

America, A Breeding Ground for Hatred

“O mankind! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is […]

A Call to Muslim Men, Women and Youth

“For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast (and deny themselves), for men […]

The Obama Doctrine

Change Even He Doesn’t Believe In “Politicians are like a baby’s diaper (full of….) and need to be dumped (changed) often.” Mark Twain Political pundits say that Barake Obama is the greatest hoax ever played on the American electorate in the history of American politics. The claim is that he is the only presidential candidate […]

Believe in the Promise of Allah (swt)

 “Allah has promised to those among you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them; and that He will surely establish for them their Deen which He has chosen for them; and that He will surely […]

World News

Majority of Egyptians Oppose US Economic Aid: Poll A recent poll has shown that more than 80 percent of Egyptians are against US economic aid to their country, and a similar percentage opposes the US sending direct aid to civil society groups in the Arab state. The findings of the poll by Gallup, which was […]

National News

One Million US Women to Wear Hijab for Iraqi Woman Killed in California Many non-Muslim women in the United States have posted photos of themselves wearing a headscarf on “One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi,” which is a recently created webpage on Facebook.  The Facebook page had about 10,000 likes on April 2. Jean Younis, […]

Final Word

Western Hypocrisy It seems as if it was only yesterday that a really good friend of mine expressed to me his excitement of starting his Islamic Studies in Syria. Fourteen months ago he was in New Jersey renewing his passport, renting out storage space and packing his bags and preparing for his Journey to Damascus. […]