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Saudi may Allow Israel to Use its Air Space

Western security sources believe Saudi Arabia will readily let Israel use the country’s airspace to strike neighboring Iran if a war breaks out between the arch-enemies.


Prominent German news magazine SPIEGEL claimed in a Tuesday article that there exists a strong unity between Israel and Persian Gulf’s Arab states against Iran.
The periodical noted that Riyadh has gone so far with the idea as to speak openly to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the potential need for a military option against the Islamic Republic.
SPIEGEL also cited Western intelligence agencies who believe that the Saudis would even open up their air space to Israeli jets for an attack on Iran. This is while the United States has been reported intent on not allowing Israeli warplanes to fly over Iraq, it added.
Observers reiterate that SPIEGEL is greatly influenced by the Israeli regime and has previously published reports that were meant to serve as an Israeli propaganda campaign or psychological warfare against the Islamic Republic.

Saudi Awards Turkey’s PM for “Service to Islam”

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz presented Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with one of the country’s most prestigious prizes on Tuesday for his ‘service to Islam’.
Erdogan earned the King Faisal International Prize for having “rendered outstanding service to Islam by defending the causes of the Islamic nation, particularly the Palestinian cause and the just rights of the Palestinian people,” said Abdullah al-Uthaimin of the prize-awarding group.
“At the international level, he was a leading Muslim founder of the call for rapport between civilization and a passionate advocate of constructive dialogue, openness, and principles of international understanding and cooperation.”
Seven academic researchers were also awarded King Faisal Prizes.
Algerian Abdurrahman Elhaj-Saleh and Lebanese Ramzi Baalbaki jointly earned the King Faisal Language and Literature prize for Arabic linguistic and grammatical research.

German Reinhold Ganz and Canadians Jean-Pierre Pelletier and Johanne Martel Pelletier shared the King Faisal Prize for Medicine for work on osteoarthritis.

U.S.-based mathematicians Enrico Bombieri and Terence Chi-Shen Tao split the King Faisal Science prize for their work in theoretical mathematics.

UK: Muslim Women Who Refused to Take Full-Body Scan are Barred from Flying


Two Muslim women have become the first passengers to refuse to subject themselves to controversial ‘naked’ full body airport scans. The pair – who security officials insist were selected at random – opted to miss their flight to Pakistan and forfeit tickets worth £400 each rather than be screened.
One of the women refused to go through the full-body scanner at Manchester Airport on religious grounds while her companion also declined for ‘medical reasons’.
The women were travelling together to Islamabad when they were selected to pass through the controversial security screen after checking-in at Terminal Two at the airport. An estimated 15,000 people have already passed through the scanners, with the pair the first passengers to refuse a scan.

U.S. Wages Food War Against Somalia

While nearly half the population of Somalia teeters at the edge of starvation, the U.S. is preventing the United Nations from delivering desperately needed food.
According to documents obtained by the New York Times, the Americans demand that aid agencies guarantee that no fees are paid “at roadblocks, ports, warehouses, airfields or other transit points” controlled by Shabab resistance fighters.
Since the Shabab and other militias control more than half of the area in conflict, United Nations compliance with U.S. conditions would mean starvation for about three million people.
Indeed, if international aid were restricted to areas controlled by the U.S.-backed puppet regime, only a few neighborhoods in Mogadishu, the capital, would be fed.
As the Americans’ Somali puppets’ position becomes more untenable, the U.S. squeezes the UN’s food delivery system, in effect punishing the entire Somali people.
U.S. food relief to the UN’s Somali operations in 2009 was only half that of 2008.
In 2007, United Nations officials declared Somalia the “worst humanitarian crisis in Africa…worse than Darfur,” as a result of the U.S.-backed Ethiopian invasion in late 2006. Thus, the United States has been waging continuous war against the people of Somalia, directly or by proxy, for over three years under the guise of the “war on terror.”

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  1. saadiq says:

    assalamu ‘aleikum.
    dear brothers and sisters,

    we won’t cite the Qur’an to the Saudis, but we would pose a question to them. where in the Qur’an or the Sunnah of the Prophet(pbuh) does it say that they can agree to assist Israel or any other country against another Muslim country??? they are suppose to be the keepers of the flame, but we must them ask whether they are truly Muslims or not???