The Obama Doctrine

Change Even He Doesn’t Believe In

“Politicians are like a baby’s diaper (full of….) and need to be dumped (changed) often.” Mark Twain

Political pundits say that Barake Obama is the greatest hoax ever played on the American electorate in the history of American politics. The claim is that he is the only presidential candidate who has a 100% failure rate to implement campaign promises. In fact, he has been so successful in convincing the public that his failures are the direct result of political opposition, his political party is running him once again.

This President had an electoral majority in both houses of Congress, yet he failed to fulfill any of his campaign promises. Could this be by design or is it incompetence. Obama is regarded as one of the most highly educated and intellectual presidents to embrace the Oval Office. Therefore, it appears that these political legislative defeats must be by purpose and design, because those who have benefited most from them are those with the most political pull and influence, which include Wall Street financiers, banksters, insurance companies, corporations, etc., and of those major corporations, 30 of them after making trillions in profits, paid no income taxes. Also benefiting from his failed agenda are the politicians, both democrats and republicans, who in reality follow the agenda of the plutocrats who actually run the country.

President Obama’s administration appointees include all Wall Streeters. As a matter of fact, this government is a government “of Wall Street, by Wall Street, and for Wall Street.” There are no appointees from Silicon Valley (computer technology), labor, defense, big industry, such as oil, auto, small business, etc., all Wall Street connected appointees.

The following is a partial list of some of the Wall Street appointees Obama put in his cabinet and other critical positions, even though many of them were directly responsible for the present financial crisis. Alan Greenspan, his Chief Economic Advisor, who has been acknowledged by himself and other noted economist as the main cause for the economic collapse, and who also admitted that he made mistakes, causing the economic decline.

Why would anyone seek the advice of someone whose failed economic policies caused the biggest economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929? Larry Summers, head of the National Economic Council, another architect of the failed economic policies of the Bush administration, and one of the dismantlers of the Glass-Steagal Banking Act, which was put in place in the 1930s to protect the public from the legal robbery that has been legislated through deregulations since the 1970s by the Reagan, Clinton, Bushes (father and son) administrations and now by President Obama. Continue reading The Obama Doctrine →

Believe in the Promise of Allah (swt)

 “Allah has promised to those among you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them; and that He will surely establish for them their Deen which He has chosen for them; and that He will surely give them in exchange security and peace after their fear” TMQ 24:55

Ibn Khaldun in his book of History of the Muslim Ummah, more popularly known as “Tareekh Ibn Khaldun,” documents a conversation between a Muslim and one of the top generals of the Persian army, General Rustum. This conversation took place during the Khilafat of Umar Ibn Khattab, a little before the battle of Qadisiya. At that time Rustum was at the head of an army of sixty thousand soldiers, with Jaliyanus at the rear leading an army of forty thousand, and in the front was another army of twenty thousand soldiers. Also on the right flank there were another thirty thousand soldiers and on the left flank another thirty thousand. They also had about with them three hundred elephants. Elephants can be compared to the latest models of tanks today.

When Rustum was encamped in an area known as Kotha his soldiers arrested a Muslim and presented him in the court of Rustum. Rustum asked him inquisitively, “What need has brought you people here and what are you searching for?” The Muslim replied, “We are searching for the promises of Allah in your lands and in your youth. If you do not believe then…” Rustum interrupts him, “What if you are killed in this quest?” The Muslim replied, “The person who is killed in this search will go to Jannah and the one who survives, Allah will fulfill His Promise with him.”

Rustum asks, “Then what will you gain from this?” The Muslim replied, “Not us, but our other brothers will. Allah’s Deen will spread, of this we have full conviction that Allah will fulfill His Promise.” Rustum then asks, “With these meager numbers what harm can you do to us?” The Muslims replied, “What can we do; whatever will happen, Allah will do. Your bad deeds will destroy you and you will become subordinate to us.”

Rustum at this bold response from the Muslim asks, “Are you not afraid of our wrath? (He points to the people present in his court and says) At this time we have so many warriors with us.” The Muslim replied, “What are you proud of them for? They are all part of Qadaa wal Qaadar that have ensnared you and brought you here and they will not let you survive.” Continue reading Believe in the Promise of Allah (swt) →

World News

Majority of Egyptians Oppose US Economic Aid: Poll

A recent poll has shown that more than 80 percent of Egyptians are against US economic aid to their country, and a similar percentage opposes the US sending direct aid to civil society groups in the Arab state.
The findings of the poll by Gallup, which was conducted in late January and early February, marked an upward trend compared to the findings of an earlier poll by the institute in April 2011.  The US government used its potential support for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) package for Egypt as a bargaining chip during a recent political standoff between Cairo and Washington over US-funded NGO groups in the North African country.

Earlier, Egyptian authorities had accused 43 foreign and Egyptian activists, including the son of the US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, of receiving illegal foreign funds to fuel unrest in the country.
The tension was, however, alleviated when Egypt lifted the travel ban on the Americans on March 2, virtually allowing them to leave the country and avoid a trial. The murky circumstances and arrangements that resulted in the prosecution, travel limitations, and then the sudden departure of the US citizens facing trial in Egypt has also inflamed Egyptians’ sense of distrust and suspicion regarding what US funds mean for Egyptian sovereignty.

France to Deport Five Muslims Amid Intensified Crackdown

The French government has ordered five Muslims to be deported as a part of an intensifying crackdown against Muslims in the country in recent weeks. Among those targeted for deportation are three Imams accused by Interior Minister Claude Gueant of being likely threats to the fundamental interests of the state. Continue reading World News →

National News

One Million US Women to Wear Hijab for Iraqi Woman Killed in California

Many non-Muslim women in the United States have posted photos of themselves wearing a headscarf on “One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi,” which is a recently created webpage on Facebook.  The Facebook page had about 10,000 likes on April 2.

Jean Younis, the office manager at Bonita Valley Adventist Church in National City, California, said she would wear an Islamic headscarf to support the family and friends of Shaima Alawadi on Sunday, according to a recent article published by the Washington Post.

“I do expect a reaction, but that’s the point. It needs to be discussed,” said Younis.

The 59-year-old church office manager is one of the many non-Muslim women who have expressed solidarity with 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi.  Alawadi, mother of five, was found unconscious at her home in El Cajon, California, on March 21. She died after being found beaten and lying in a pool of blood next to a note saying “go back to your country, you terrorist”.  There have also been “hijab and hoodie” demonstrations at several universities across the United States in recent days. The notion of “hoodie” refers to the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida on February 26. Continue reading National News →

Final Word

Western Hypocrisy

It seems as if it was only yesterday that a really good friend of mine expressed to me his excitement of starting his Islamic Studies in Syria. Fourteen months ago he was in New Jersey renewing his passport, renting out storage space and packing his bags and preparing for his Journey to Damascus. In less than a month the people of Tunisia rose up, and Zain al Abideen bin Ali lost legitimacy, and soon after Mubarak in Egypt fell and by this time last year the people from Libya to Yemen took to the streets protesting decades of oppression and tyranny, calling for the rulers and puppet regimes removal. Today, this struggle continues throughout Africa and the Middle East, with Syria  at the forefront of this struggle.

The Call for liberation continues to echo in the lands of the Muslim World and beyond. Though my good friend who expressed to me his disappointment last summer in not being able to study in Balad ul Sham as the situation went from being a peaceful call for change to an armed revolution, he reminded me of a Hadith of the Prophet (saw) who said,

“Fifty thousand years before the creation of the universe…Allah (swt) wrote the destiny for all His creation”.

Therefore, he could not be upset with his situation. In fact, he wished he could be there in Syria, engaged in the struggle for liberation. Life in Syria 14 months ago was relatively stable. It wasn’t immune to the everyday problems faced by Muslim societies, but,today, with more that 10,000 deaths shows that it would be unusual not to know someone killed or imprisoned in the last 14 months. Mothers burying their sons and daughters before they are old enough to speak their first sentence. Continue reading Final Word →

Open Letter to the Muslim Ulema

“Each one of you is a guardian, and you are all responsible for your guardianship. The Imam is a guardian of the people, and he is responsible for his guardianship of the people.” Prophet Muhammad

On the 15th of Rabee’ ul-Awwal 1433 (February 7, 2012), as many as 107 Muslim scholars (Ulema) issued a declaration regarding the events in Syria.

The statement included a fatawa about the sanctity of the Muslims’ blood and their right, and that it is not permissible for members of the army or security forces for no unjustifiable reason to kill anyone. They expressed support for the (Syrian) Free Army, and called on the Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries to take a serious position towards the Syrian regime, and those states supporting it, such as Russia and China. In addition, they called on the opposition to join ranks and build a government based on justice, protection of rights, establish freedom and institutions that would protect Syria and its interests. They also announced their support for any effort which would prevent the bloodshed of the Syrian people, and that such efforts should lead to free elections, a fair distribution of power and compensation for the victims of the present regime.

It is indeed good that the Ulema from many different Muslim lands have joined together to emphasize that the Muslims’ causes are one, however, it is highly blameworthy and inexcusable that this declaration does not contain any Islamic solution. It is as though it was intended to please certain authorities with whom Allah subhana wa ta’ala is not pleased;  in other words the Western Kafir Capitalist states, and the regimes who do not rule by what Allah has revealed.

“If anyone rules by other than what Allah has revealed, they are kafiroon (disbelievers).” TMQ 5:44

It is obligatory that the declaration of Muslim scholars should be comprehensive, definitive, clear, bold and should put the right points in the right places, expressing the true position of Islam regarding what is happening in Syria and the rest of the Muslims’ lands. They should send a genuine call to all the Muslims, so that they take a position which is sincere to their Lord and to their Deen. They should declare that the Islamic Ummah, in her causes, her peace and her war is one Ummah, and she cannot be separated by walls or borders, nor can she remain separated by regimes cultivated by the West to divide her according to their interests. This is the same West which now fights over our lands as the wolves fight over the sheep. Continue reading Open Letter to the Muslim Ulema →

Employment In The Islamic State

“It is We who portion out between them their livelihood in this world, and We raised some of them above others in ranks so that some may employ others in their work….” TMQ 43: 32

Allah has commanded us to seek work and created the means to obtain work in his abundant earth. There is no greater feeling for a man to work and provide for his family. The social sciences have verified this value for men in many studies.  Al Hamdulillah for the means Allah has provided for us. This article will discuss the kind of work called employment. First it will explain what employment is. Second, it will examine the Western history of employment, and finally will discuss employment under the Khilafah State.


Work can be defined in many ways and occur in many types according to the Shar’a.  The type of work where one works for others for a payment is called employment.

Allah gives some people abundance over others in terms of money and possessions. This is a reality of life. For this reason, some people must work for others as a means of survival. This is easily grasped.  However, should this work be uncertain, abusive, or conditioned on whims of the powerful in society?

Working in the West

Working for wages from the Western perspective became crystallized during the Western industrialization period (the late 19th century C.E.).  Employers sought greater control over workers through “Scientific Management,” conceptualized by the likes of Frederick Winslow Taylor, to maximize efficiency and profit for employers. Taylor believed that workers had the ability to work like oxen with the sole motivation being wages. It was during this period, Ford Motor Company created the assembly line for the same purposes. Workers had no rights, worked extreme hours under horrid conditions for the sake of pay and benefits.  Nepotism, racial and ethnic discrimination, and prison like conditions existed in the factory.  The 1930s  Wall street market crash created the Great Depression where millions could not find work, houses were repossessed, or those who held jobs were forced to work for less money than for what they were hired. These early conditions, which in many cases still exist today, caused workers to strike, organize, and form unions based on the common problems of workers to make ends meet.

The owners of capital or commodities (no distinction between public and private ownership of resources) are allowed to take resources (in any means necessary) in the first place. The Western capitalist goal is to maximize profit at all costs (including to workers). This issue is beyond exploiting workers for more than what they produced. The capitalist objective is to increase the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the nation as a whole regardless if some live in slums, streets, or shelters. This creates a problem for the average employee and employer, man and woman, Muslim and non-Muslim. In many instances, the very process of obtaining sustenance (Mal) contradicts the rights of the community for prosperity.  Continue reading Employment In The Islamic State →

Four Principle to Distinguish the Islamic State

If the “Arab Spring” of 2011 showed the world one thing, it was that the fear and intimidation employed by the rulers in the Muslim lands has been broken. We see this today with the bravery that the Muslims in Syria are showing in the face of merciless attacks by the government forces. In addition to that, it also showed how quick the Western rulers were to abandon their puppets and pretend that they represent the best interests of the Muslims.

Often times, shrewd politicians and political parties took advantage of the pure Islamic emotions of the Ummah for their own opportunistic reasons. They would use Islamic slogans to gain the support of the people, when in reality their actions contradicted Islam. They would even promote Islamic morals and individual acts of worship, while at the same time torturing and killing those who called for the revival of Islam as a complete way of life. The classic example of this is Saddam Hussein of Iraq, who instituted laws reducing the prison sentences of criminals who memorized parts of the Qur’an in prison. While this seems noble and pure, he would brutalize anyone who worked to implement the Qur’anic rules in the form of the Khilafah.
Sometimes, even the sincere Muslims and Islamic groups would fall for these tricks, hoping that eventually they would gain power and be able to enact the Islamic form of government. Today, the Western powers acknowledge this desire for Islam and even use certain Islamic groups to enact their policies in the Muslim world. The fact is that the Muslims overwhelmingly want Islam and Shari’ah to be part of the ruling structure, even if they are not clear on what it means or how to achieve it. So the Western “Think Tanks” and foreign policy advisers are already hatching plans to include Islamic parties in the ruling assemblies of Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia. These parties are often forced to compromise, and eventually become ensnared in the trappings of the “political process,” having to appease certain sectors of the political establishment. This is a common strategy used to distract and contain sincere Muslims.

This has happened over and over again in the Muslim World. But this time it is different, because in the aftermath, the “Arab Spring” along with its struggles, sacrifices and hardships, the Muslim Ummah should not allow anyone to upstage its efforts to bring about a true change. A change based on the Word of Allah (swt), and the footsteps of His Messenger (saw). It should not settle for anything less than the complete implementation of Islam, and should be suspicious of any solutions except for its complete and total implementation. Continue reading Four Principle to Distinguish the Islamic State →