Muslim American Citizenship

“O you who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks. They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin. Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths. What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs if you have wisdom.” Qur’an 3:118

The recent action taken by the Department of Homeland Security in dealing with Muslims from America who attended a conference in December in Toronto, Canada should not come as shocking news. Muslims were detained, belongings searched, women forced to reveal body parts, finger-printed and treated as common criminals.

This should not come as a shock because after September 11, 2001, America went on the offensive to spread its world dominance and ideology by targeting Muslim lands, the religion of Islam, and anyone who is a Muslim. As Muslims in America, we understand that we are suspects for no reason other than we believe in Islam and are Muslims.

Muslims who fly know this better than others. We expect that we will always be the ones who are randomly checked. I remember one incident where I was not stopped, but my wife who wears hijab was stopped. When they found out that we were together, a security agent also questioned me. These kinds of things should not surprise us.

Muslims are now viewed as public enemy number one. It does not make a difference as to how peaceful we think we are or how harmless the event we may attend, just being people identified or associated with Islam is enough to be treated as a criminal or potential terrorist. The key issue to understand, and what must be pointed out is the hypocrisy in the notion of being an American citizen. All the people who carry the American citizenship simply are not treated equally.

This is nothing new to America. Throughout America’s brief history, it is full of examples where disgrace and disregard have been shown to some of its citizens. Usually the targets have been racially or religiously different from the majority white Anglo-Saxons. For example, African-Americans were denied citizenship after slavery, and even when granted citizenship, were not treated and respected as such. Various European immigrants (Jews, Irish, Italians, and others) who came to America faced similar problems to enjoy the same rights as the majority white Anglo-Saxon class. In fact, they were not even considered to be white.

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Are Muslims Safe In America?

Everywhere in the world today, Muslims are under fire. If we are not being physically fought against, we are being fought ideologically. All it takes for the average Muslim to realize this is to read the local newspaper or read the news on the internet or watch the the news on TV, and you get the feeling internationally that Islam (Deen/Way of Life) and Muslims are under attack.

Every day we hear or read that Muslims in Iraq are being killed, but this is not the only place. Muslims are being killed in the Philippines, China, India, Chechnya, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many other places under the justification that these are the “terrorist” or “militants” that want to harm the so-called free world which in reality is ran by the Western powers. Calling people terrorist who are fighting their oppressors or demanding their right to live as human beings is ludicrous.

If non-Muslims (kuffar) and the so-called Muslims rulers who are the real enemies of Islam are not physically killing or bombing Muslims, they are tormenting and torturing them. For example, in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and many other parts of the Muslim world, Muslims are put in prisons by unjust tyrants who inflict pain, rape, burn, beat and use other forms of torture.

If this is not enough for the Muslims in America and the West to feel that Muslims are under attack then they need to look at their own condition and the way they are being treated under Western rule. If you don’t think this is the case, try taking a trip on the airlines, or getting an unrestricted passport. Muslims are being fired from their jobs, or not being hired, and even locked up just because they are Muslims.

If a Muslim or anyone for that matter who donates money to help improve the conditions of Muslims or find it reprehensible for the unjustified attacks by the Israelis on Palestinians, they are arrested or their tenure in America revoked or placed on a “watch” list and harassed if they speak out against the wrong done to Muslims. Donated funds are seized illegally by the government, and in some cases the one in charge of such funds become suspect of aiding terrorist or of being a terrorist.
Muslims are being fired from their jobs or not being hired, and in some cases locked up just because they are Muslims.

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